5 Myths of About Medical Schools: Every Student Should be Aware


There are many myths a student may believe about a medical schools and they should be aware of. It can make you nervous as well as exciting. Considering both the sides a student have to make an accurate beliefs before entering the school. Majority of the people say that you should be ready for where you are entering. But the thing is a student cannot be 100% ready for medical school. Medical school does not always make you anxious but also surprises you in many ways one can imagine.

Some ideas and myths related to medical schools have been discussed below:

No sleep and all coffee:

There is a myth that many medical students say that last night I had 10 cups of coffee and did not even sleep for a moment. But it is not necessary that if you don’t like coffee and you have to drink it or you can’t sleep even if you are sleepy. You can make strict rules with yourself of sleep and taking some breaks when you feel tired. For being a good doctor a medical student need to work on time management skills.

There is no free time in medical school:

This is the truth that a medical student have to study more in short period of time. It is nothing as compared to pre-medical. It does not mean that you can’t do the fun and other activities being in medical school. There are many students who are stage actors, researchers, and some are writers. You can make time for activities you are interested in.

When you start working on time management skills and get yourself into the flow of study, sleep and eating, you become able to manage the time for your friends and family. Managing the time effectively makes you more productive, intelligent and successful by competitive advantage. If you do not set the goal and manage your time to achieve that goal, it is not possible that you reach your maximum potential. Most of the people get professional assignment help only for this reason and does not have the ability to blow their own potential of writing an assignment. (bestassignmentwriter, 2019).

Writing has always been a major issue for every student, whether it is medical college or any other. When medical teachers give their students an assignment related to any topic such as Nursing and students are unable to write it effectively then they will take the nursing assignment writing service from the professionals. Sometimes students who are unable to manage their time get these assignment writing services.

I can get into and pass medical school if I want to:

Those students who are in pre-medical are very confident about themselves, they have high expectations for getting into the medical school. Their excitement level for getting into this profession is on peak for which they required to be skilled, capable, disciplined, competent and concerned for their patients. (Jones et al., 2022).

Every medical students thinks that if I enter and then work hard, I’ll pass with good grades. But sometimes it does not happen the same and people start blaming their hard work that if I could work hard in studies, I could do even better even though they have done their best. Luck also have a major part in this regard.

You should also have an alternative if you are not selected by medical school because world doesn’t end here. There are many other careers or programs you can go for. Becoming a medical students should not be reason of your happiness and satisfaction in life. You have the abilities to do something else.

I just need to take it a day at a time:

It is not necessary to just repeat the cycle of sleep, study and eat every day. Doing this will make the routine boring. Medical students share a tip of taking some time for yourself after waking up in the morning. Medical life is not just about survival. As a medical student you have to learn to manage the things to get the time for extracurricular activities.

You should not think that I just have to pass or just graduate. You must have to study keeping in mind the patients. They depend upon the doctors. It is between serious case patient and you with a right decision making and saving their life. You will feel this responsibility when you will interact with them.

Good academic score is important part of entering into the medical school but this is not the only requirement. Admission department reviews your application along with your score of MCAT, knowledge of medicine, letter of recommendation personal statement of intent, clinical exposure to medicine, evidence or candidate’s sincerity, maturity, etc. students have to maintain their score throughout their applications as admission department questions about the high grades or low MCAT score or vice versa.

Medical student is the survival of the fittest:

Medical students are those who are good at competing with others. This is why we can give a reason that it will also be a competition because you need to be competent while applying for medical school or residency. This is only a myth but the truth is that medical life is hard itself so it is important for the students to take care of each other. You will have to show them your kindness. If any medical student is unable to show some kindness to their fellows, then it will be obvious that he’ll not have for his/her patients and co-workers as well. When you get a base then you can help those who need it.


Since beginning most of the students aim to become a doctor. This is the only profession that enhances the interest from all aspects of the life. Along with the students, parents are also willing to see their kids as a Doctor. This curiosity among the people has created the myths about being a doctor. Throughout the discussion we have discussed the most common myths about a medical school. Before entering in to the medical college should know about these myths.


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