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Modern people have more or less access to the Internet, and it is inevitable to use computers, and mobile phone users also use computers. So how to use the computer correctly is very important. It is better to know something than not to know. 144HZ Laptop


  • A computer, either a desktop or a laptop.


  1. In fact, when buying a computer, you need to consider how to use the computer, because the difference in computer brands determines the problem of using the computer in the future. For example, key performance indicators such as computer hard disk, computer battery, and computer heat dissipation.
  2. Don’t think that you can do whatever you want after buying a good computer. The first thing you need to do when you get the computer is to check whether the computer can be restored with one click. For disk usage other than the installation system disk, it is best to restore the system and format the disk, because the application software is pre-installed. The location is installing the system disk, which will make the computer run very slowly.
  3. During use, you need to pay attention to the application software cache problem, that is, the data storage location of the application software cache and the storage location of the downloaded data need to be set. Remember not to store data on the disk where the system disk is installed, and regularly clean up unnecessary data.
  4. Maintenance problems during use, common disk cleaning, defragmentation, downloading files (installation packages, large files), and of course security issues, it is best to install anti-virus software, which includes computer cleaning functions and installation guides. helpful
  5. The problem of hardware maintenance cannot be ignored. At least ensure that the fan is running normally. If you have the conditions to clean the fan, remember to clean it regularly. If the fan is seriously worn out and not replaced, all the hardware of the computer will be seriously worn out under high temperature conditions, or even burned out directly.


  • Remember frequent abnormal shutdowns, such as power outages.
  • It is best to protect the computer screen with a film.


How to change computer password

Let’s take a look today, how to change the computer password on the computer Amazon NHS Discount Code 


  • We click on the account to open
  • At this time, you will see the login option
  • At this time we choose to change
  • Let’s enter the initial password first
  • Then we can set a new password and password hint
  • Then we can press the next step

The computer cannot connect to the remote computer

In real life, everyone is using computers, which are also essential for life and work. Today, let me teach you what to do if your computer cannot connect to a remote computer.

  1. On the connected computer, open the computer properties, click “Remote Settings”, check whether “Allow remote assistance to connect to this computer” is checked, if not, check it;
  2. Then check whether the firewall is turned off, enter the control panel from the “Start” menu, open “Windows Firewall”, and then click “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” on the left, in the custom settings, select “Turn off Windows Firewall”, click Save ;
  3. Then check if the remote connection service is enabled, enter “services.msc” during operation and click OK to enter the service window, find the “remote desktop services” service, double-click to open it, and then click “Start
  4. To reset the network, enter cmd and press Enter to open the command prompt, enter the “netsh winsock reset” command, press Enter, and then restart the computer according to the prompts.

In Conclusion

  1. Click “Remote Settings” and check “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”
  2. See if the firewall is turned off
  3. Then check to see if the remote connection service is enabled, just reset the network.
  4. Pay attention to reasonable allocation of computer time, be careful of radiation damage
  5. Please wear blue light glasses when using the computer to protect your eyes.

The difference between mimetic computer and normal computer

First of all, I want to tell you that what people usually call a mimic computer refers to a large server rather than the microcomputer we use every day.

What is the difference between a mimic computer and a normal computer

  1. Ordinary computers have a “fixed structure and are calculated by software programming”, while mimetic computers are dynamically changeable and “rely on variable structures and combined software and hardware for calculation”. According to the different application requirements of users, the mimic computer can improve its performance by changing its own structure. Tests have shown that the energy efficiency of typical applications of mimetic computers can be increased by ten to hundreds of times compared with ordinary computers, and the characteristics of high performance are remarkable. Unblocked Games 911
  2. For example: a large-scale network company, its business scope includes network communication, network game, network video, network news, e-commerce and so on. Because the customer base of each column is different, the busy and free periods are also different. If you are using an ordinary computer, the server division is fixed, which will cause congestion during busy hours and waste of idle time, greatly reducing the performance of the computer. The mimic computer is dynamic and variable, and can change the structure in real time, rationally allocate server resources, and combine software and hardware to meet the needs of users according to the needs of users at different times. Amazon Discount Code NHS 
  3. Mimetic computer is an original achievement of Chinese scientists in computer architecture research, which provides a new research direction or idea for the computer community to find a more energy-efficient computer architecture.

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