Different types of workout that you can do with the help of a Squat Stand

Fitness is a significant focus for the majority of the youth today. Taking good care of your body and eating healthy are values on the rise. A good workout regimen with the utilization of advanced equipment in the form of a Slam Ball is personal to everyone and can be crafted after exploring various options. Weight training is the most popular training right now. With live examples of its long-term benefits, everyone wants to hop on the wagon with this trend. Starting out can be daunting with no one to guide you in the right direction. A squat stand is an excellent purchase for a novice looking to get into weight training!

 What is a squat stand?

A squat stand is a popular gym equipment which helps in strength training. Squat racks or squat stands are primarily used for squats and are rising in popularity due to their versatility. You can perform a variety of exercises which increase your strength with them.

For beginners in weight lifting, squat stands are a great way to start with the appropriate height and hence prevent injuries. After loading the barbell with your preferred weight, the rack allows you to choose the height from which you will squat and pick it up.

Slam Ball or a medicine ball is a popular accompaniment with squat stands in weight training and dynamic exercises. Often bought together, these are the perfect equipment to start your strength training at home!

How should you incorporate it into your workout?

A workout spanning twice a week is recommended for a beginner in weight lifting. Novices usually are excited about new equipment and over-exercise, which is the primary cause of injuries. Incorporating new routines slowly into your regimen is crucial.

The squat can be used for a maximum of two exercises when you’re starting out. According to your preferences, choose two good practices and start. With increasing comfort, you can add more exercises to your routine.

 What are the different exercises with a squat stand?

Several exercises can be performed using squat stands and the barbell. Weight and strength training use a number of core exercises, including the below ones.


Adjusting the height of the rack level with your armpits, part your feet and pick up the barbell and place them on your shoulders. Squat with the barbell until your thighs are horizontal while inhaling. Gently exhale and rise up. Repeat this with a number you’re comfortable with.

Rack deadlifts

Placing the barbell on one of the lower racks, bend over with parted feet and lift the barbell while pushing your hips out. Inhale during the lift and exhale while placing it back on the rack. Make yourself comfortable with deadlifts before taking on a large number of repetitions.

Pick up the barbell with the loaded weight. With parted feet, inhale and push your hips back until your spine is parallel to a rack. Exhale and slowly rise and place the barbell on an upper rack. Repeat this set with an appropriate number which suits you.

Other exercises include forms of shoulder presses and bent-over rows. If you don’t want to get into intensive weight lifting training, the squat stand can be paired with a resistance band for many exercises, including the below ones.

Split squats

Set up the resistance band at level with your knee on the squat stand. With the band going around one knee, kneel the other leg until your knee touches the ground while inhaling. Exhale and slowly stand up. Repeat this ten times while starting, and increase your sets gradually. A Slam Ball is another option to add weight to your squats.

Reverse fly

Set up the resistance band at level with your knee on the stand. Bend down until your back is horizontal, and pull the band with the hand further away from it. Inhale and pull until your arm is flat, and exhale while releasing it. Repeat this ten times and slowly increase this number to suit you.

Hip thrust

Facing away from the stand, sit on your knees with the resistance band around your waist. Inhale and bend down until your upper body touches the ground. Exhale and slowly rise. This mimics the hip thrust and can be done in as many repetitions as comfortable.

Other exercises include kneeling crunch, rotation presses and crunches, and many more. Comfort and safety are to be kept in mind while retaining new exercises in your routine.


A squat stand is an excellent piece of equipment when starting out with weight training. A variety of exercises can be performed using this to yield good results. The rack ensures safety and can be adjusted to your needs. You can pair it with a resistance band or a barbell. If you want to get started with weight or strength training, order your squat stand today!

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