How to Fix Canon Printer Error E59?

Canon Printer Error E59 is a common issue when users connect their printers to the computer. This error message pops up when you try to use your printer, and a yellow triangle icon often accompanies it. If you see this icon on your computer or device and would like to fix it, here is what you need:

All about Error E59

  • Canon printer error E59 occurs when the printer is in sleep mode and then tries to print.
  • Error E59 is a common problem in Canon printers but can be fixed by following the steps below.

Why does Canon printer Error E59 occur?

There are many reasons why Canon printer Error E59 occurs. If you’re having problems with your Canon printer and want to fix it, then follow these steps:

  • The ink cartridge is not installed correctly.
  • The ink cartridge is not compatible with this printer.
  • The ink cartridge is empty, damaged or has expired (you should replace your empty or expired cartridges at least once a year). If all else fails, try switching out for a new one!

Possible reasons behind this error

Error e59 canon printer is a standard error faced by Canon printer users. It can be caused due to paper jam or low toner cartridges, which leads to three main reasons:

  • Paper Jam: IN this case, your paper will not be able to enter the printer due to some obstruction. The paper may have gotten stuck somewhere inside the machine and needs to be carefully removed before it causes any damage or gets jammed further on both sides of your printer’s carriage assembly (the part where you place your sheets).
  • Low Toner Cartridges: If one or more of these cartridges have run out of electricity, then they won’t work correctly anymore. An error code such as E59 appears on the screen, and flashing lights indicate that something has gone wrong with them too! To fix this problem, all you need is another compatible cartridge from our website so that everything works smoothly again!

Steps to fix Canon Printer E59 Error

  • Check the printer cable connection
  • Check the printer driver
  • Clean the print head and the paper path of your printer, or check if there are any streaks on them, as you can use a cloth to clean them up. If possible, try downloading and installing a new version of your drivers to see if this helps resolve any issues with printing issues especially in case if you have downloaded an older version or have installed it before without knowing that there was an update available for it yet, which might not be compatible with other versions installed on other computers. Hence, we recommend downloading new drivers from Canon directly instead because they are tested before release, so they should work fine without any problems, but if none works, then try installing one from another manufacturer (e.g., HP) since these companies often release updates for their printers now and then too which may work better than Canon’s ones do when tested against similar models from other manufacturers like Toshiba etcetera…

If you have doubts about canon printer error e59, contact canon printer customer support.

  • You can contact canon printer customer support.
  • You can also contact the canon printer support phone number.
  • You can also contact the canon printer support email address


This post has shown you how to fix Canon printer error E59. I hope you have found this post useful and helpful in fixing your printer problem.

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