Pinterest vs Instagram: Choosing the Best Social Media Ecommerce Platform

The increasing trend of social media ecommerce has left marketers evaluating Pinterest vs Instagram to look which platform gets them extra sales.

The appeal to marketplace your ecommerce store on social media has skyrocketed with the creation of local purchasing integrations into systems like Instagram and Pinterest.

Add that to the rising demand for personalization in advertising and marketing and it turns into clean why social media ecommerce is booming.

Instagram and Pinterest are actually in the lead and feature transformed into influential marketplaces that provide agencies in-app tools for advertising and selling.

But which one must you, as an ecommerce marketer, pick out to make sure your efforts will 100% lead to fulfillment? Let’s spoil it down.

Pinterest vs Instagram: Comparing the Purpose of the Platforms

Let’s take a step again and take a look at the fundamental cause every platform.

The fundamental purpose of Instagram is sharing and selling.

The predominant aim of Pinterest is coming across and dispensing.

Images are the main type of content material for each platforms. However, on Pinterest, customers additionally expect greater value: inside the form of a recipe to a photograph of a dish, or a DIY-guiding principle for a home décor idea.

Meanwhile, Instagram is greater centered at the life-style and aesthetic of a emblem’s feed, beyond simply the character photograph.

Now that we’re clear on the cause of each platform, permit’s look at them extra intently.

Pinterest vs Instagram: Comparing the Audiences

Active Users:

In term of popularity, Instagram’s 1 billion month-to-month customers talk for themselves and provide marketers a far larger target market tap into it.

With approximately four instances as many capacity clients to attain every month than Pinterest, the sheer extent of energetic customers is enough to present Instagram the higher hand in this class.

Age Distribution:

Both Instagram and Pinterest have a exceptionally young target market with the general public of their customers being among 18-35 12 months old.

However, Pinterest does have a more potent hold on the 55+ market.

This older demographic is the cause Pinterest customers have a mean earnings of $75K a year vs. The common profits of $30K a year for Instagram’s customers.

While Pinterest’s reach is not as sizable as Insta, the disposable profits of Pinterest users is significantly higher.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should do not forget the price in their services and products whilst decided among Pinterest vs Instagram.


With an 81% lady consumer base, Pinterest is an awesome platform to utilize if ladies are your best customers. But don’t reply Instagram out just yet.

They may additionally have a lower percentage with handiest sixty eight% female users, however remember that is 68% of 1 billion active users vs. Pinterest’s 250 million energetic users.

Essentially, in case you’re seeking to marketplace to ladies, both structures are a suitable desire to sell your eCommerce business.

However, if guys are your ideal target market, it’s a no-brainier that Instagram is the greater appropriate advertising preference whilst evaluating Pinterest vs. Instagram.

Targeting Options:

Another useful characteristic of Insta is its concentrated on.

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Because Instagram and Facebook percentage the same marketing platform, Insta permits precise and green targeting, this is relatively treasured for ecommerce marketers.

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