The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing Jobs in 2023


The social media marketing industry has grown rapidly over the past decade, with new job opportunities and titles popping up all the time. In fact, there are currently more than 1.1 million active digital marketers in the United States alone—and that number is expected to increase by another 10% by 2023.

But with so many people competing for these jobs and positions, how can you stand out from the crowd? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top jobs in social media marketing and why they’re important in today’s world of technology. By understanding what employers want from their candidates and how you can offer them value beyond just your resume or cover letter, you’ll be able to land yourself an interview every time (and maybe even get hired!). These are the social media marketing jobs to know in 2023.

Social Marketing Manager

Social marketing managers are responsible for creating and implementing social media strategies. Its goal is to increase brand awareness and expand the company’s reach by developing a strong presence on social media platforms. They also monitor the effectiveness of these strategies, as well as analyze user engagement data to determine how their efforts are working out.

What you’ll need:

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications
  • The ability to work independently
  • Expertise with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Social Media Coordinator

Social media coordinators are the people who manage social media accounts. They create content and post it on behalf of their employer, then monitor the response to that content in order to gauge audience interest and improve future posts. Social media coordinators also respond to complaints or concerns from customers or users of a site’s platform, as well as implement campaigns related to marketing or sales.

In short, there’s a lot that goes into being a social media coordinator! But if you’re interested in this role as your career path, you’ll be able to handle all those tasks easily—and make sure your company is reaching its full potential when it comes to reaching new customers through digital channels.

Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists are in charge of managing social media accounts for their company. Specifically, they monitor and respond to posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media specialists are responsible for creating content that engages followers and boosts brand awareness. They also collaborate with other departments such as marketing or advertising to create strategies that align with the goals of the business.

Social media specialist jobs can be found at companies both large and small across multiple industries including retail, technology, entertainment, and professional services. While most companies have some kind of social presence on one platform or another (usually Facebook), some businesses still need help getting started when it comes to creating a cohesive online presence across multiple channels.”

Social Media Community Manager

Social media community managers are responsible for the growth and development of a brand’s community on social media. They’re responsible for engaging and maintaining relationships with customers, fans, and followers by answering questions and solving problems that arise online.

They also create, develop and implement social media strategies based on the goals of their organization or business.

Content Creator

Content creators are a vital part of your social media marketing team and the success of your brand on social media. They’re responsible for creating, curating, and sharing content across various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Content creators should be able to write compelling blog posts that will help educate customers about new products or services you offer. In addition to writing blogs, they also need to create infographics (images with text) that explain complex concepts in an easy-to-read way. The best content creators can also use their creativity when it comes to coming up with fun videos or memes that appeal to specific audiences so they’ll want to share them with their friends on social media.

In addition to the work involved in creating original content from scratch (which can take anywhere from hours), good content creators must be able to edit existing articles so that they’re grammatically correct before posting them online; this involves making sure there aren’t any spelling errors or typos within the text itself as well as ensuring all links (web addresses) are working properly once published online so people won’t see broken ones when they click through them while reading through each article’s actual contents.”””

Content Marketer

Content marketers are the people who create and distribute content on behalf of brands. Their job is to help shape the voice and tone of the brand, whether that be through blogging, writing copy for an email campaign, or creating social media posts.

Content marketers may also be responsible for developing a content strategy based on SEO (search engine optimization). This involves researching what keywords your audience uses when searching online, as well as analyzing which types of content best engage with them.

Once they’ve created this strategy they’ll work with other team members on its implementation: creating blogs; writing ads; designing landing pages; managing social media accounts; developing email campaigns, etc.—all in order to make sure their efforts are driving traffic back to your website or service where you can convert visitors into paying customers.


These are the social media marketing jobs to know in 2023. If you’re looking for a career in social media, this is a great place to start. There are so many opportunities at different companies all across the country, and even if none of these roles sound like they would fit your personality or skill set, there will be something new coming up soon enough!

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