STEPN: The First Web3 Move to Earn NFT Game

STEPN is the first Web3 NFT game that demands you advance physically from place to place. The more you move, the more tokens you gain.

You’ve probably heard of NFT games and play-to-earn titles. Nowadays, they frequently mean the same thing.

These games cover various topics, from jigsaw puzzles to dismembering aliens to purchasing virtual estates.

They all have one thing in common: they are exceedingly simple to play. Some are more fun than others, but the major draw is how little work is required to earn a fast buck.

That was until we heard about STEPN, the first Web3 NFT game, which threw the easy premise out the window.

To advance in this game, you must physically go from place to place. The more you travel, the more tokens you earn; the more you have, the more likely you will win expensive stuff.

In certain ways, you might call it a move-to-earn game.

The degree of physical effort necessary to play this game might be intimidating to most modern-day players. Who would have guessed that in centuries, we’d need more than our quick fingers to win a game? Yet here we are.

We decided to put STEPN to the test by sacrificing some of our hard-earned calories, and here’s what we discovered.


STEPN Overview

STEPN, like every other NFT game, works on a blockchain and issues its currency for in-game usage.

In this example, the game went live on the Solana blockchain, a highly competitive cryptocurrency. You may use SOL to buy any STEPN goods on its marketplace, but the game utilizes Green Satoshi Tokens (GST), which you’ll earn.

One GST is valued at slightly more than $2.50, while one SOL is worth nearly $90. GMT, the governance token, is valued more than GST and is utilized in endgame content. You may gain GMT as you level up. You might get GST or GMT depending on the sort of footwear you wear. Once you switch to Solana, they will all be the same.


Getting Started with STEPN

STEPN is a GPS-based game in which the app records your movements and steps, similar to your Fitbit.

To begin jogging, you must first buy a pair of virtual shoes. Yes, on top of your regular footwear. These are mint NFTs. Therefore you may resell them on the market and earn a profit to purchase a better pair.

Each pair of shoes is like a two-dimensional Pokémon, with unique characteristics and rarity. The numbers govern how long you can run before having to refuel. They may also provide a speed benefit, allowing you to earn more GST while running.

If you already have SOL in your wallet, purchasing some shoes should be simple. The game also lets you import it and spend it straight in-game. However, we suggest creating a separate wallet inside STEPN clone and moving SOL to it.

It should be noted that you must spend SOL on the market but will earn GST while playing the game.

One characteristic of the STEPN marketplace is that product pricing only sometimes reflects its quality. For example, you may find a pair of Common shoes with average stats for 9.0 SOL and another pair with poorer numbers for 1500 SOL.

This amount of disparity needs to be clarified, but since the game is still in its early phases, it may be correct shortly.


Earnings in STEPN

While shoes are required to begin earning, you do not need to purchase anything to start jogging.

First-time users may test out the app and its features for free. When you’re ready to commit and have some STEPN shoes, the earning meter will start filling up as you run.

Time-gating is not simply the worst aspect of STEPN but also one of the most despised mechanisms in gaming. There is a daily restriction to how much you may run with the app, so your profits are limited.

They call it Energy, and you receive a tiny bit for free daily, plus some from your shoes. High-quality shoes provide a lot of Energy, but there is a daily limit. This equates to 100 minutes of running.

You may keep running even after your Energy runs out, but the earning meter will halt until the following day.

There is also a speed meter that you must keep up with to continue earning. This is one of the most difficult components of the game since you must be in peak physical condition on every run.


Final Thoughts

The game’s activities, such as Marathon, keep players interested and motivated, which is something that most current games, much alone NFT games, still need to do.

We’re not fans of the time gating mechanisms. Currently, the amount available to earn in STEPN pales in contrast to the bulk of NFT games. This must alter as quickly as feasible if the brand is to have even a minor advantage in the long run.

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