Google Says: These Are The Most Popular Smartphones In Germany In 2022

Google Says:The Most Popular Smartphones In Germany In 2022

In 2022, people were most interested in which cell phone.How To Delete Wallpapers On Ios 16 Google answered this question not too long ago. The end result will surprise you in a few ways. Apple is not the most wanted phone in Germany’s list of the top 10 most wanted phones.

The year is almost over, and it’s time to start thinking about what happened. Google, the biggest search engine, also gives interesting insights every year and shows what people have searched for the most. Google has told GIGA employees which 10 cell phones will be the most searched for in 2022.

Samsung Before Apple

You and everyone else in Germany looked for the Samsung Galaxy S22 most often (in this test). Second place goes to the Apple iPhone 14 (for testing). This is interesting because the Galaxy S22 came out at the start of the year, but the iPhone 14 didn’t come out until September. So Apple’s newest iPhone has collected a large number of search queries in a much shorter amount of time.

One might think that the performance of the iPhone 13 (click here for the test) would be better than that of its predecessor. Even more so because they still had nine months to look for it. But that’s not true. It comes in at number 4, behind Google’s own new phone, the Pixel 7.

Where Are The Pro Models?

Did you also see it?Top-7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Ipad Few of the best devices are on the list. No Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (for the test), no iPhone 14 Pro (click here for the test), and no Google Pixel 6 Pro (click here for the test). But it looks like Google didn’t leave the devices out of the summary, because the Oppo Find X5 Pro is on the list, so at least one “flagship” phone made it in.

So it looks like you are more interested in the cheaper phones than the more expensive ones. On the other hand, this list has only one clear example of a middle-class phone: the Samsung Galaxy A52. You also looked for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 clamshell phone (for testing) in 9th place.

What This Top 10 Says

This list only shows the search terms used on Google. From this, you can figure out how popular the devices are, but not how many were sold. Most likely, we won’t know what the best-selling phones of the year will be until the beginning of 2023, after Christmas, when sales are likely to go up again for many companies.


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