Turkey Tourist Visa for Emirati Citizens

What is an Online Turkey Visa or an E-Visa for Turkey?

Turkey eVisas can be defined as electronic documents issued to citizens by Turkey’s Government that enable entry to Turkey. Citizens with visas from their home countries must fill out this application form on this website with their personal data and passport details to apply.

E-Visa for Turkey is a multiple entry visa that can last up to 90 days and is intended solely for business and tourism use.

This Turkey  Tourist Visa Online is valid for 180 days after it was issued, not from when you stay there; its duration varies with each stay; although visas typically last 90 days, its maximum stay cannot go beyond 180 days; you may enter Turkey anytime within this window of time.

Turkey eVisas are electronically linked directly to your passport, enabling Turkish Passport officers to authenticate them at entry. As a precautionary measure, however, we strongly suggest having a backup copy sent via email in case something should go amiss during entry procedures.

Turkey eVisa Sample

How long will my Turkey Visa application take to process?

Since most applications for Turkey eVisas are processed within 24 hours, we suggest applying at least 72 hours in advance of when you plan to visit or fly into Turkey.

At Turkey Visa Online, our application process is made as straightforward and quick as possible – typically taking no more than five minutes online to complete successfully and make payment. Once approved, Turkey visas will be delivered directly to applicants’ email addresses.

Who Can Apply Online for a Turkey Visa Online

Foreign nationals planning on traveling to Turkey for business or tourism reasons must obtain both traditional and electronic travel authorization visas – the latter known as Turkey Visa Online – prior to arriving. A traditional Turkish Visa must be obtained in person from one of its consular or embassy offices while those eligible can obtain one electronically by filling out a straightforward e-Visa application form.

Candidates can easily apply for their Turkey Visa online from their tablet, mobile phone, laptop computer, or desktop and receive it through the Turkey Visa Application application form. Passport holders from certain countries and territories can apply online with just a small fee prior to arriving – typically staying between 90 days over six months period.

Passport holders from the following countries and territories can apply online for a Turkey Visa before arriving. Their visa application period should fall between 90-180 days before their scheduled trip date.

Turkey visas are valid under certain conditions: Nationals from all Schengen nations (Schengen countries plus Ireland, USA or UK), Ireland and US must possess an active Tourist Visa to visit.

All nationalities residing in one of the Schengen countries – Ireland, the US or UK – must hold a Residence Permit issued by one of these three entities.

Notification that electronic Visas or permits to reside electronically will not be accepted.

Turkey Visa for Emirati Citizens

Travelers seeking an eVisa for Turkey must fulfill the following requirements.

Travel requires the presentation of a valid passport.

Passports must remain valid for at least six months beyond the date of departure from Turkey.

Your passport should contain an empty page that allows the Customs Officer to stamp it.

As applicants will be notified of Turkey visa approval via email, it is imperative to possess an accurate email id in order to complete the Turkey Visa Application form.

Method of Payment

Because the Turkey Visa Application form can only be completed online and does not have a paper counterpart, using valid credit or debit cards is essential to processing payments through the Secure PayPal Payment gateway.

Information needed to complete a Turkey Visa Application Form

Applying for a Turkey Visa involves providing certain details when filling out their Turkey Visa Application Form:

Name, surname, and birthdate provided below

Number and Expiry Date for Passport

Contact details, such as email and address information are essential in making an inquiry.

At Turkey’s border, candidates who wish to apply online for a Visa could be requested to present all required documents.

How Can We Support Them

An applicant for admission to Turkey will likely need to demonstrate they can financially support and maintain themselves during their stay there.

Onward/return flight ticket.

An applicant could be required to show evidence that they will leave Turkey once the purpose of their travel, which was granted an e-Visa, has been completed.

Applicants without onward tickets must provide documentation demonstrating their finances and ability to purchase tickets in the future.

After successfully making payment for your Turkey Visa Application form, an email containing your eVisa will be sent directly to your inbox. Be sure to print or save a copy for future reference!

Your Official Turkey Visa Is Ready

Once you’ve printed out an image of your Turkey Visa Online, you can travel to Turkey using it and enjoy its beauty and culture. Visit places such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque Troy as well as Grand Bazaar where everything from leather jackets to jewelry souvenirs is offered for sale.

If you plan on visiting other countries within Europe and beyond, be mindful that your Turkey tourist visa can only be used in Turkey and not anywhere else. On the plus side, its official validity span lasts at least 60 days to allow plenty of time for travel around Turkey.

As an international tourist in Turkey with an eVisa, be sure to keep your passport safe – it will serve as evidence of identity frequently! Do not lose it or throw it on the ground.

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