Turkey Visa for Bahrain and Mexican Citizens

Turkey Visa for Bahrain Citizens

Bahrainis can now easily obtain visas online using the Electronic Turkey Visa initiative created in 2013 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.

Bahraini citizens wishing to travel, do business, or receive medical treatments in Turkey must apply for an e-Visa (Turkey Visa Online).

Visitors from Bahrain cannot visit Turkey without first securing an eVisa; thus making entry and leaving Turkey an absolute requirement.

Passport holders holding such an eVisa should remain valid at least six months post departure – that date being the date on which you return home after being in Turkey for short durations.

How can I apply for a Turkish Visa from Bahrain?

This Turkey Visa for Bahraini citizens offers an online application form which can be completed in as little as 5 (5) five minutes. Applicants will need to complete all pages in their passport including their personal and contact details such as email and postal address before filling in a copy of their passport’s page containing personal data as well as contact info such as their email and postal addresses.

Bahraini citizens may apply online for a Turkey Visa using this site and will receive it directly by email. The process is very straightforward for Bahraini nationals; all they require to apply is having access to an email ID, a debit/credit card in one or more of the 133 currencies available, or a PayPal account.

Once fees have been paid and verified, the eTA application process begins. Turkey Visa Online delivery occurs via email for Bahraini Citizens who fill out and submit an online form with all required information, followed by credit card verification. Should additional documentation be necessary prior to issue their Turkey eVisa approval will contact the applicant before proceeding further with the approval process.

Conditions and Requirements for Bahraini citizens seeking a Turkish Visa

Bahraini citizens traveling to Turkey require an official passport or travel document in order to apply for and secure an electronic visa from Turkey Immigration.

Citizens who hold passports of other nationalities should ensure they use the one from which they intend on travelling since this will link directly with their Turkey electronic visa application process. There will be no need for printed documentation upon arriving at the airport as the Turkey Electronic Visa will already be stored electronically on their passport within their own Immigration system.

Bahraini citizens will need a valid credit or debit card or PayPal account in order to purchase Turkey Visa online and provide an email address which is active so as to receive it electronically in their email box. Your Turkish Visa should match up with what’s written on the passport; otherwise, you’ll have to reapply.

Learn the requirements for applying online for a Turkish Visa.

How many years may Bahraini citizens remain on their Turkey Visa?

Bahraini citizens must depart within 30 days from their date of entry into Turkey. Passport holders are required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Turkey eVisa), even for shorter visits up to 30 days; longer-term visitors should apply for an appropriate visa, depending on their specific circumstances;

Turkey Visas do not cover other purposes other than tourism and business; should you wish to study or work there instead you must seek permission at one of Turkey’s embassies/commissions instead.

Below are the most frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning Turkey Visa Online (or Turkey e-Visa).

What are the validity conditions for Bahraini citizens applying for an online Turkey Visa?

Bahrainis can stay for up to 30 days within any 180-day timeframe with just one entry visa into Turkey. The single Entry Visa applies exclusively for Bahraini citizens.

Turkey Visa for Mexican Citizens

In 2013, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced its Turkey e-Visa program. Mexican nationals can now quickly and conveniently apply online for a Turkish e-Visa; holders of Mexican passports may also now take advantage of this innovative scheme to apply for their electronic visa to Turkey.

Electronic systems were established to make travel to Turkey more convenient and secure.

Mexicans traveling there for any reason – business, vacation transportation, medical treatment, or otherwise – must first obtain an electronic visa before departing home.

Turkey visa for Mexican citizens from Mexico is mandatory and cannot be waived; rather, an electronic Visa replaced traditional diplomatic ones is now in effect.

Mexico citizens traveling for tourism or business purposes lasting more than 30 days can obtain an eVisa for Turkey at their time of entry; one entry into Turkey of up to 30 days using this visa (issued upon entry and valid up to 180 days post entry) will be allowed using an e-Visa issued upon arrival in Turkey.

Mexico passport holders can use an e-Visa to enter and remain within 90 days (3 months). Travel for working or studying purposes for more than three months requires Mexican residents to apply for a Turkish tourist visa at a consulate or embassy, while Mexican nationals needing online visas must meet Turkey’s eVisa requirements in order to gain one; online applications for Turkish visas can also be submitted without having to go in person to a consulate or embassy.

Documents Needed By Mexican Citizens

The passport must be valid for five years after the date of arrival in Mexico.

Your passport: For best results, bring in the original copy of your passport for accurate information gathering.

Email Address: You will receive your travel documents by email.

Payment Method For your application fee payment, one of the payment options includes debit/credit card payment options.

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