Turkey Visa for Canadian and Australian Citizens

To apply for an Turkey visa as a Canadian citizen, applicants must meet all of the eligibility requirements which include meeting each of these three categories of requirements:

Scanning of Your Passport. Your passport must remain valid for six months after making an application for a Turkey visa.

Your passport must include one blank page.

Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

Turkish government regulations stipulate that travellers meet certain criteria prior to applying for an eVisa so that the application process runs smoothly and successfully completed. These include:

One must possess a valid passport, valid email address, and active debit or credit cards in their possession.

Payment of the Visa Turkey Cost can be made using either a credit or debit card; without either, the processing of your visa would not begin.

Visa Applications Are Now Being Processed.

Once you’ve submitted a completed visa application with all supporting documents, in the Normal Processing timeframe your Turkey Visa should arrive within 24 hours; occasionally it could take more than two days.

Dependence upon the purpose, the authenticity of details, and the validity of the passport. If no further steps are required for processing your Turkey visa application, an electronic copy will be delivered via email. Once your visa approval document arrives, keep a digital and hard copy on your device for later use, printing one out as well. Bring both copies with you when travelling to Turkey as immigration control officers will review them at their entry points and examine any required travel documents including an eVisa copy along with other necessary travel documents.

Visa FAQs for Turkey:

  1. 1. Are Canadian citizens required to have a visa when travelling to Turkey?

Canadian passport holders entering Turkey require a valid visa in order to gain entry. Canadian citizens can easily apply online for an e-visa; all documents and information needed will need to be provided and their visa should arrive in 30 minutes or sooner. Click here for a visa in Turkey for Canadians

  1. What are the costs for Canadian citizens to obtain a Turkish Visa?

Check here for the fee associated with applying for a Turkish visa. You can pay using any debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, or UnionPay). Additionally, applying online can result in having it sent right away – within 24 hours you could have obtained it!

  1. What happens if there is a discrepancy between my passport and the application form?

Information you enter when filling out an online visa application form must correspond with what’s found on your passport biodata; otherwise, authorities could deny your application for an eVisa and cause further complications upon your arrival as border officers can refuse entry due to having an invalid visa.

  1. Is Turkey’s eVisa valid for one or multiple entries?

The Turkey Visa serves both as an entry and multi-entry permit.

  1. What will happen if I travel on a cruise ship?

Cruise passengers entering Turkey via a cruise vessel do not require an eVisa to visit and can stay for up to 72 hours, providing they depart from the same vessel. Please be aware, however, that permission must first be sought from regional security officials before leaving your cruise vessel; no entry visa is needed in such instances.

  1. Are Canadians allowed to find employment in Turkey?

Yes, Canadian citizens and residents from other eligible nations are able to work in Turkey by acquiring a work visa.

When applying for a visa, ensure that the processing time meets your needs.

Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

Australian passport holders can easily apply for their Turkey visa online using this system. Simply apply electronically using our convenient Turkish Visa Application Form!

No matter which mode of entry (sea, air, or land), an eVisa will be necessary. If entering Turkey by cruise vessel for more than 72 hours then an Australian visa valid for Turkey will also be necessary.

Turkish visas to Australia can be used both for tourism and business travel purposes. You could visit Turkey on vacation with family and friends, attend conferences, sporting events, or exhibitions, or just explore its breathtaking beauty as a tourist. If your travel purposes fall outside these categories please reach out so we can discuss other types of visas that might suit you.

Turkish Transit Visa for Australian Passport Holders

Turkish transit visas allow travellers to use Turkey as an entry point into another country. You can apply online for such permits.

According to Turkish visa rules, travellers who plan on crossing into Turkey or staying overnight before flying out must apply for a transit visa prior to travelling. If your plan only involves leaving the lounge on your journey to your destination then no such document is needed.

Applying for a Transit Visa follows the same process as for an E-Visa: you must declare your reason for travel, select the relevant category of visa and provide all of the necessary travel documents in order to apply.

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Citizens to Apply for an eVisa for Turkey.

Before applying for a Turkish tourist visa, make sure that you meet its qualifications based on a series of tests, which must be passed.

One valid passport valid for at least six months with at least one blank page

Get ready with enough money for a successful visit to Turkey

Apply for a transit visa when holding a return or onward flight that provides transit visa exemption.

Entering any destination requires valid travel documentation.

Be mindful that any documents required for travel out of Turkey must remain valid for at least 60 days after entry into Turkey.

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