Turkey Visa for Indonesian and Indian Citizens

Turkey Visa for Indian Citizens

As an Indian national, you are required to apply for a visa before travelling to Turkey from India.

A Turkey visa typically comes in the form of a stamp in your passport, enabling passengers to board an aircraft and fly directly into Turkey.

Your travel needs will be accommodated by an appropriate visa; provided, of course, that you are able to pass check-in time for your flight.

Do Indians require a visa for Turkey?

Yes. Indian citizens residing in India need to obtain a visa at the Turkish Consulate or Embassy before travelling to Turkey.

Have you heard about the Turkish electronic Visa? In order for an Indian citizen to obtain one, certain eligibility requirements must first be fulfilled and then their online application for one through an e-visa site can be approved.

Can Indians Achieve Entry Into Turkey on Arrival?

Unfortunately not. Indian citizens cannot obtain a Turkey visa upon their arrival; usually, a sticker visa needs to be applied for at the Turkey Embassy first.

What Are the Types of Turkey Visa Available to Indians?

Indian visitors to Turkey can obtain various kinds of visas depending on the purpose of their visit, with these being some of the more commonly available types:

Turkey Tourist Visa For Indian citizens visiting Turkey on holiday or business, this visa grants up to 30 days stay within any 30-day period.

It allows the holder to remain there throughout their stay in Turkey.

Turkey Work Visa A Work Visa will be issued for any Indian citizen who has found work in Turkey and plans on staying there until their contract has ended.

India Transit Visa A Turkey Transit Visa is granted to Indian residents travelling through Turkey en route to another destination and allows for up to 72-hour stays within each visit.

Keep in mind that each visa type entails its own set of requirements and application process. Furthermore, its costs vary based on what type of visa is applied for.

Turkey Visa for Indonesian Citizens

Electronic Turkey Visas are now being made available to visitors so they can quickly obtain visas online. This program was introduced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in 2013.

Indonesian citizens wishing to enter Turkey for business, tourism, transportation, or medical reasons must apply online for a Turkey e-Visa (Turkey Visa Online). A visa for Indonesia is no longer an optional condition of short visits – all short-trip travelers to Turkey must obtain at least 6 months validity after leaving Turkey (not on the date of return) in their passports to enter and leave again from Turkey.

How can I obtain a Turkey Visa in Indonesia?

Turkey Visa Application form for Indonesian nationals can be completed in 5 (5) five minutes online, by filling in their passport page number, personal data, contact info (such as email and postal addresses ) as well as personal details from personal statement.

Indonesian Citizens can apply and complete their Turkey Visas online through this website, receiving their Turkey Visa by email upon completion of this simple process. Requirements include possessing both an email id as well as one or more credit/debit cards from one or more currencies available or PayPal as a payment option.

Once fees have been paid, eTA processing begins and your Turkey Visa Online will be delivered directly to your email. Indonesian residents who apply online and provide all required information will have their Turkey eVisa delivered electronically as soon as their credit card transaction has been successfully completed online. In rare instances where additional documentation is necessary before approval of an eVisa.

Indonesian nationals must satisfy certain requirements to secure Turkey visas.

Indonesian citizens seeking to travel to Turkey require an official passport or travel document in order to qualify for Turkey eVisas, while any passport from another country of origin must also include their travel plans when applying. It is not necessary to print, show, or present documentation at an airport because Turkey Electronic Visas are stored electronically within their passport’s database – an immigration system unique in itself!

Indonesian citizens seeking to purchase Turkey Visa online require an active credit/debit card or PayPal account as well as an email address with which to receive it electronically. In order to purchase Turkey eVisas successfully, the information found on their back should match that found on their passport; otherwise, an additional electronic application for one will need to be submitted electronically.

Find out the requirements for applying online for a Turkey Visa.

What are the requirements to obtain a Turkey Visa as an Indonesian? How long may an Indonesian stay on it?

Indonesian passport holders must leave within 30 days after arriving, and obtain an Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Turkey eVisa). Even for short visits of one day up to 30 days.

Indonesian nationals planning to stay in Malaysia for longer must apply for a Visa tailored to their circumstances.

Turkish visas cannot be used for purposes other than tourism or business travel, if you want to study or work there you must apply for a regular/traditional/sticker visa at your nearest Turkish embassy/commission.

Commonly Asked Questions About Turkey Visa Online (or Turkey e-Visa)

What are the validity criteria of Turkey Visa Online for Indonesian nationals?

Though Turkey visas are valid for 180 days, Indonesian nationals can visit up to 30 times within this timeframe. E-Visas are available as Single Entry visas to Indonesian nationals.

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