Turkey Visa for Saudi and Chinese Citizens

Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens

Turkey is one of the world’s top travel destinations, known for its captivating landscapes, delicious cuisine, and extraordinary hospitality for foreign nationals.

Electronic Visa For Saudi Citizens Turkey provides electronic visas for Saudi citizens looking to do business and tourism. These convenient visas can be applied for through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, giving applicants the flexibility of applying at home.

Saudi E-visa is a temporary visa, available to both regular passport holders as well as official ones of Saudi Arabia. Once issued, this document allows you to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days (with possible extensions of 180). In addition, Turkey’s electronic visa can also serve as a multiple entry permit allowing frequent travellers access to Turkey with just one application!

Traditional Visa Next we’ll address more traditional visas. If you plan to be in Turkey for longer than 90 days, a traditional visa is required of you. Unfortunately, unlike e-visas, traditional visas cannot be obtained online – thus forcing visitors to visit their local Turkish mission in person in order to secure one.

Are You Eligible for a Turkey Transit Visa

When planning international travel, one consideration could be eligible for the Turkey Transit visa, which allows travel within Turkey for up to two days with only an overnight stay allowed in Turkey.

How to apply for Turkish e-visa

For travellers travelling on business or tourism trips to Turkey, applying online for an E-visa may be your ideal option. Not only is the application process for Turkish E-visas straightforward; its process for E-visas is also quick and painless; all it requires is one simple application form!

Complete an electronic visa application online (e-visa application).

Pay the visa fee through an online payment method that is safe and secure.

Submit your application Once submitted, your visa will arrive via email; either keep it on your smartphone or print it off and store it safely.

Required Documents

There are certain requirements you must fulfil to travel to Turkey. In particular, additional documents will be necessary. These could include:

Your passport should remain valid for six months from now.

Valid identification documents (credit or debit cards ), along with a working email address are required in order to conduct business online.

In order to submit their visa application, applicants must provide personal and contact details such as:

Name, Birth date, Passport number, and Expiry/Issuance dates

Saudi Arabian citizens applying online for Turkish visas typically face several days of processing time before seeing the results of their submission.

Visa Processing Time

Processing times may differ for every applicant. On average, applicants could wait two days before being approved for their Turkey visa to visit.

Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

Chinese passport holders require an e-Visa in order to travel into Turkey, while those travelling on official passports are exempt from obtaining one and may stay for up to 30 days within any 30-day period within Total.

If you are a Chinese citizen, start your application for immigration to Turkey here.

What Is a Turkey eVisa? An eVisa for Turkey can be defined as an official document granting travellers permission to travel there.

How Long Can Chinese Citizens Reside in Turkey?

Chinese citizens may stay in Turkey for up to 30 days total using an electronic visa, with work/study not being permitted on such visits – these visas are designed solely for short-term tourism and commercial activities.

Due to the Turkey eVisa being valid for 180 days after your arrival, one option would be to stay for at least 30 days on each visit.

What are the estimated timeframe and costs associated with the process?

One of the major concerns with electronic visas is their cost. With iVisa applicants, there are three options to select for processing time that will ultimately determine your cost – these being:

Standard processing – Your application for a visa will be approved within 24 hours at a cost of USD $124.49 (service charges included).

Rush Processing: Your visa can be issued in just four hours at an approximate total cost of USD $176.49 (service costs included).

Super rush processing This is the fastest method, enabling you to receive your e-Visa within 30 minutes at the cost of USD $234.49 (service charges included).

What are the requirements to obtain a Turkey visa?

Submitting an application requires the following documents:

Passport – as a general guideline, your passport should remain valid for at least six months beyond the planned arrival date.

Digital Image of You It is recommended that the picture was taken recently to comply with requirements.

An E-mail address is necessary when applying online because your visa will arrive via this means. So make sure that you provide an accessible e-mail address.

Payment Options Available in Turkey The Turkish market offers various methods of payment, such as debit and credit cards.

How long will it take me to apply for an electronic Visa from Turkey?

Within 10 minutes, we’ll handle everything for you and promptly notify you via email of its progress.

How can I apply for an eVisa in Turkey?

The application process is very straightforward. Only three steps are involved:

Step one in our process involves gathering your personal details. Additionally, please select an appointment time from the options above.

Step two requires altering step one and paying its amount.

Final Step – Completion of Questionnaire and Image Upload (Passport Scanning / Uploading). You must upload your passport scan as well as send in a passport image; other documents may also be needed depending on individual circumstances.

Once your application is submitted, all that remains is to wait for its processing. If assistance with filling out your form is required.

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