Turkey Visa for South African Citizens

South Africans who wish to travel to Turkey can apply online for their visa through an application system, prior to travel.

Turkey visa for South Africans Citizens  is quick and simple to acquire; you can complete the entire application process at home or work in minutes without the need to visit an embassy or consulate.

This page offers all of the information South African travelers require when traveling to Turkey and how they can meet entry requirements for entry.

Do South Africans require a visa for Turkey?

South African tourists and business travelers can now apply for an electronic visa to Turkey easily online – the fastest and most efficient method.

Validity of Turkey e-Visa for South African nationals

This electronic travel document for Turkey may be used within 180 days from its issue date.

South African visitors are allowed multiple entries into Turkey within 90 days and each stay can last up to this limit.

Turkey Visa Types for South African Citizens 

South African passport holders can easily apply for a Turkey tourist visa in three simple steps.

  1. Submit the online application form online.
  2. Pay the processing fee for visas.
  3. Access Your E-Visa Information Now via Email

South Africans traveling to Turkey can quickly obtain their visa without needing to fill out lengthy forms or visit an office. The application process is quick and effortless.

South African Citizens Needing a Turkey Visa

South African passport holders applying for an e-Visa in Turkey must first ensure they satisfy all of its requirements before beginning an application process. Conditions set out by Turkey include:

On the date of arrival in Turkey

Reach out to the email addresses provided to secure the visa.

Credit or Debit Card Payment Details for E-Visa Service Processing Fee

South African Citizens Needing a Turkey Visa

South African applicants must also possess a reliable internet connection as well as be capable of using various mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Turkey E-Visa Application Form for South Africans

South African applicants must access and fill out the Turkiye e-Visa application form and provide basic personal details, which may include:

Name, Birth date, and Place of birth of Child(ren). Nationality, Passport details, and Email.

Complete your application as accurately as possible so as to avoid delays in processing time or having it rejected outright. Incorrect or inaccurate information could delay or reject your South African traveler application altogether.

Applying for a Turkish e-Visa requires only a modest cost, with applicants from South Africa paying the processing fee via an online payment system that accepts virtually every major credit card available worldwide – these payments can even be made using mobile phone credit/debit card numbers!

Turkey processing times for South Africans seeking e-Visas

Submitting their Turkey online visa request from South Africa should receive travel authorization within one or two business days.

South African citizens in need of an urgent Turkiye e-Visa can utilize an expedited service that offers quick visa processing times of only one hour.

Visit Turkey using an e-Visa

Turkey electronic visas for South African passport holders can be easily utilized.

South African passport holders must store copies of their Turkey e-Visas on mobile phones or other devices before printing a copy and presenting it along with travel documents to Turkish immigration officials when entering Turkey.

Journey from South Africa to Turkey via South Africa.

Air travel between South Africa and Turkey is the simplest method. South African passport holders with valid Turkish visas can take a direct flight from Cape Town to Istanbul directly over 10 hours and 25 minutes.

There are frequent flights connecting Johannesburg to Istanbul that typically last 15 hours with one stopover in between.

Turkish Embassy of South Africa

South African nationals not eligible to apply for this e-Visa must apply at a Turkish consulate or embassy for an entry visa. This also applies to visitors planning on staying longer than 90 days for study/work purposes or who need multiple entries into Turkey at once.

At present, there are diplomatic offices of Turkey located in Cape Town and Pretoria at the following addresses.

Cape Town hosts the Turkish Honorary Consulate General.

Penrose House can be found at 1 Penrose Road in Muizenberg 7945 with P.O. Box 315 located therein – Cape Town 7950 Cape Town is its location.

Pretoria hosts the Turkish Embassy.

573 Fehrsen Street in Pretoria. 0081.

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